The Student Representative Council (SRC )of University of Education, Winneba on today ,20th July paid a courtesy  call on the  Ag. Vice- Chancellor ,Rev. Father Prof. Anthony Aful Broni.
The SRC team was led by  the Unified SRC President Mr.Patrick Agyei. Among the executives that were present  include, Albert Botchway SRC vice President , Samuel, Abiatey SRC sec, Augustine Bimpine Src sports and games sec, Emmanuel Danso,the local Nugs President, Norbert Agbemenu, Unified  Hall President and Grace Andoh SRC Treasurer.
The SRC executives seized this opportunity to congratulate the Ag. Vice Chancellor for his enormous support and dedication to the course of students and student leadership. They again welcomed him to his newest capacity as the Ag. Vice Chancellor. The SRC executives  made it known how confident they are in the Ag.VC and his leadership,hence  promised him of their unflinching support and that of the entire student body as they envisage that the Ag. Vice Chancellor will give ears to the grievances of the students who have given them their mandate.
Some of the pressing issues that the SRC emphasised on, is the exorbitant school fees that has been sighted on social media and in the admission letters of freshers. The SRC pleaded that something be done about it since the figures have been over bloated and creates fear in parents and student.
The SRC again lamented on the situation that students have to use gas in their various halls of residence which could lead to explosion  due to the nature of  kitchenette provided to be used by a large population at the hall of residence. They requested  that policy be reviewed as it poses a serious threat to the lives of students.
The Ag. Vice Chancellor welcomed them and in response told them how happy he was about the visit . He was happy about the fact that the student leadership visited to negotiate for  policies that puts the welfare of their people first. He assured the student leaders of his commitment to the course of students. While he assured that the students should be optimistic of a fair  deal and treatment as far as their fees and other domestic matters are concerned, he also promised to put things in place to make life on campus affordable and conducive.
The src reiterated that they were committed to serving their students and are ready to assist the Ag.Vice Chancellor to ensure the students are treated as expected to make academic life a good and sound one.


Majority of UEW lecturers have been quietly following and monitoring the goings on of the court matters involving our great UEW. It is important to first note that this quiet and cool attitude of the majority of lecturers should not be interpreted to mean lack of concern. It is rather a trait of people who are mature  and deep in thoughts. Let no one make the mistake of considering this trait to mean docility or weakness.
Upon all the priding of ourselves with intellectualism, it had to take Mr Supi Kwayera (whom we shamelessly claim is an akpeteshie seller) to open our eyes to Procurement breaches and illegalities in our own University! Are we not ashamed of ourselves? Or have we been blinded by intellectualism? When, way back in 2013, the Hon Alex Afenyo Markin started drawing government and our attention to the ramifications of an improperly constituted governing council, where were we? Shame on us!!
Since May 23rd, 2017, when the writ was issued and our University started going to court, no UTAG general meeting has been held; yet, it was said at one point that UTAG wanted to join the case. Those 2 or 3 executives went ahead and hired an attorney. When our case was subsequently thrown out and UTAG was fined GHC 3,000 as well (which we presume will come from our dues) no UTAG meeting was held to even brief us on anything.
Then, when today, 14th July, 2017, the Winneba High Court among other things, ordered the VC and FO to step aside, we hear on radio that UTAG-UEW has declared an indefinite strike, again, without any consultation with the general UTAG population. What kind of leaders do we have on UTAG-UEW, and what do they take us for?
You (UTAG Executives) cannot arrogate to yourselves powers that you do not have. We elected you into office and gave you the mandate to conduct yourselves properly! You cannot sit in your bedrooms and decide for us! Why do you disrespect us like that? We want to assure you that you will cough out every pesewa that you have wasted on this useless and unwarranted legal fight, because we never gave you permission to go to court.
It is clear that you knew we would not agree going to court, so you refused to hold a general meeting. It is also clear that you, the so called executives, are seeking Your Own personal interests; but we want to assure you that, you will not use us to advance your selfish agenda. Be assured that your days of this wanton arrogation of non existent power are over, so prepare to meet the full fury of the general membership.
We wish, on this note, to assure the general public and the whole world that, UTAG-UEW IS NOT ON STRIKE. Members on all our campuses (Ajumako, Mampong, Kumasi, Winneba) are not in favour of this illegal strike, and anyone can visit our campuses on Monday and you will see lecturers working.
We wish, furthermore, to inform all our Sandwich Students to disregard this hoax strike and come to school. The purported strike is for the selfish UTAG-UEW executives, who have failed already in the discharge of their duties as leaders and we will not make them our leaders again. They have neglected their core duties to fight for members’ welfare and they are now fighting for their own selfish interests. If you do not believe us, come and see the kind of living and office accommodations we occupy; with porous security, coupled with the injustices meted out to us, then you will know the kind of UTAG executives we have!
When the Registrar of the University, Dr C. Y. Acquah-Mensah told us not too long ago that as lecturers we did not need offices, and that we could sit under trees or in our cars and work; to the extent that an office complex built for lecturers was taken away from us and converted to Office of the Registrar, what did our leaders do? It shows you the kind of UTAG executives we have!!!
We will not allow you, few self-seeking leeches and vampires, to destroy where we take our daily bread. The University is running and will run. Do not dare try anything funny this time else you will regret it.
We are also calling on government to constitute our Governing Council as soon as possible!



Truly one is not bound to take a decision when confused. What am I hearing ?  That UTAG branch of  UEW goes on an indefinite strike. Really for what reason? Is it for the fact that The VC and F.O have been injuncted? Where does the injunction affect the existence and daily operations of UTAG?

Indeed  Martin Luther King Jr’s. statement, the silence of good people is more dangerous than the brutality of the bad person is real.

Since when did it become that, few minority take a selfish and individualistic decision for it to be imperative on the majority?

Dr. Bekoe and his few selfish  cohorts who have been beneficiaries of the supposed illegal transactions made by the victims of today’s high court ruling should for once think twice and stop making vulnerable,the  innocent students who have paid fees   and needs their service as lecturers.

At least can’t Dr. Bekoe who is spearheading this illegal strike also be forced by his conscience that, the students, and their poor parents after struggling to pay that huge unwarranted fees deserve something better rather than the self awarding contracts that goes on up there?

I don’t intend, to lament about whether there is any strike or not. Our problem has to do with the fact that, The UTAG President Dr. Bekoe has been a living witness to the massive ,improper and malfeasant deals that have bedridden our university. Therefore as an upright  and level headed persons as we are, we highly expect that the interest of the students through whom we get meaning to our living here on UEW campus should be prioritized rather than been petty and allowing the name of a  respectable body like UTAG to be ran down by meddling in this issue.

As a matter of fact, no one gave you our consent to in the first place get a lawyer  only for UTAG to be slapped with a fine, let alone calling a strike. No it’s never our plan and we will be in class to teach no matter what.

The last time, you were roaring and lamenting that you had documents of the illegal deals of the F.O and even called the VC to warn him. What changed today?

The fact that you have been promised Asso. Prof  doesn’t mean the entire lecturers should dance to your tune by  leaving our work in the name of sympathy and solidarity.

This is a clarion call to you to reverse your thoughts about the strike before we openly disobey your selfish decision.
We are not on strike

Enough of the fabrication – NDC tells Adwoa Sarfo

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Dome Kwabenya constituency in the Greater Accra Region has responded to Adwoa Sarfo the Member of Parliament for the area in the wake of controversies surrounding the construction of a Community Day SHS in her constituency.

According to the party, it is shocked by the fact that “Lawyer Adwoa Sarfo seems to be telling one lie or the other to the people of Dome Kwabenya and Ghanaians at large.”

The deputy Majority leader in a viral video is reported to have said the Kwabenya Community Day School was constructed due to her relationship with the World Bank. She claimed to have lobbied for the school to be built.

The said school is one of the 200 Community Day Schools promised and initiated by the former President John Mahama.

The Procurement Minister has also claimed she constructed the Hatso Market of which she has posted some videos on her Facebook wall, but the NDC described this as shocking.

Speaking at press conference Friday, former Minister for Tourism, Zita Okaikoi urged Adwoa Sarfo to “stop the lies” or lose her credibility.

“She must stop taking credit for what she has not done. If she wants credit, she should construct the road in front of her house and other roads in the area. She is a fine woman but she must stop peddling falsehood,” Zita Okaikoi said.

For his part, former MCE for GA East, John Kwao Sackey, told the MP’s comment is a lie and should be ignored.

“The Assembly approved the acquisition of land for the construction of the school for the Municipality at Kwabenya. She was not MP by then. The Assembly only took the advantage and applied to be considered when visionary leader Mahama promised to build 200 schools across the country.”

“The Haatso Market was started by the NDC when NPP came to power for the 8 years they never did anything till when we came back and completed it. We never had so many problems when Prof. Mike Ocquaye was the MP because he always checked for his facts. Adwoa Sarfo should learn from him,” he counseled.

Source: ghanaweb

Avoid conflicts with MPs’ – Akufo-Addo advises MMDCEs

President Nana Akufo-Addo has advised the 199 approved Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs)to avoid conflicts with sitting Members of Parliament, as this frustrates the work of government.

He said, “a lot of the tension that arises in the districts and frustrates the work of government comes from the at times fractious relationship between Members of Parliament and Chief Executives. Please avoid such conflicts and let the MPs get their share of the Common Fund timeously.”

Stressing that he cannot and would not want to issue any edicts on anybody’s political ambitions, he noted that “it is enough to point out that many of the tensions between Chief Executives and MPs also start when Chief Executives want to run for Parliament.”

He continued, “I mention it as something worth keeping in mind as a possibility of the source of trouble. And also, do not overlook one important historical fact. The misfortunes of the ruling parties in the general elections of 2000, 2008 and 2016 had a lot to do with the collapse in relations between Chief Executives and MPs of the then ruling parties.”

To this end, President Akufo-Addo indicated that “the new paradigm of effective governance demands maximum co-operation between Chief Executive, MPs and the new kids on the block, the officials of the Development Authorities. The closer and more sincere will be the co-operation, the greater and more extensive will be the development.”

President Akufo-Addo made this known on Wednesday, when he addressed an orientation programme organised for the 199 approved MMDCEs by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Government, at the Institute of Local Government Services, at Ogbojo.

The President reminded the MMDCEs that whereas the Minister for Local Government, Hajia Alima Mahama MP, has oversight responsibility for decentralisation implementation and local government, Regional Ministers are also required to monitor and evaluate your performance and submit periodic reports to him.

“I expect you to accord Regional Ministers all their due respect, as they are the President’s representatives in the Regions,” he added.

The President also reminded the MMDCEs of the “new layer of accountability within government – the new Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation.”
This Ministry, he told the MMDCEs, has a broad remit to oversee what is going on in the entire government machinery, and make recommendations to the President on its improvement.

Use Common Fund Judiciously

With a lot of funds soon to flow into the districts, President Akufo-Addo assured that every attempt will be made to get the Common Fund allocations to the Chief Executives regularly and on time.

He, however, urged the Chief Executives to work on their internally generated funds, as they will not make the progress they should if the development programmes of their localities are solely dependent on the relatively meagre sums they get from the Common Fund allocation.

“Please apply your DACF judiciously towards the execution of planned and approved projects. It is not for recurrent expenditure. It is not for recurrent expenditure and should not be misused or abused.

“It is a good idea quickly to get your Assemblies to restructure your financial operational system and targets, to take advantage of the new initiatives introduced by the government to promote accelerated economic growth,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo also urged the MMDCEs to help build the capacity of unit and zonal councils of the MMDAs, and also allocate resources to allow them to play their proper roles in the local governance system.

“I do not intend to start any new controversy, but I will say this: we need to take a closer look at the unit committees and zonal councils especially, and see how effective they can be. If we need to do some radical realignment of the structures, we should not be afraid to do so.

“This would be a good time to take a close look at the things that work and those that do not, and not carry a lot of baggage simply because they are on the books,” he added.

The President also urged the Chief Executives, as chairs of their respective Security Committees, “to ensure peace and law and order in your districts. All our plans will only work if there is peace. I advise you to be careful and tactful in managing issues of intelligence and security.”